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Top-Notch Investigation Services in Hollywood CA


Surveillance is generally used for investigations related to theft, fraud, employee investigations, infidelity, plus several more classes of Hollywood investigation services. Surveillance is highly practical for studying your suspect, logging their daily activities, learning their schedule, lifestyle, etc., or anything else you are curious about.

Our detectives and private investigators will obtain prudent video footage using high-tech surveillance equipment such as night vision capable and miniature body-worn hidden cameras accompanied by highly developed surveillance techniques. Top-class investigation services are performed in almost all major cities in the U.S.

Infidelity Investigations

Do not be overwhelmed with doubt and allow our private detectives to find the facts now! Our investigators specialize in marriage and infidelity investigations.

With undercover operations and inconspicuous surveillance, our investigators will aid you in deciding if your significant other is cheating or committing adultery or marital infidelity. If they are found guilty, we will provide you with all the evidence at your discretion: the locations and names of everyone they met, as well as video and/or photography documentation of all suspects.

Missing Persons / Skip Tracing

Looking for someone in particular? A lost loved one, an old relative, a high school sweetheart or just someone from the past you grew curious about? With effective techniques and accurate databases, our investigators will find those you seek.

Find Person's Current Employer

With minimal information given, such as a person's name, social security, and a state, our P.I.s will carry out a nationwide skip trace record hunt to provide you with that person's present job. The record search is vital for people who skip out on child support, vehicle repossessions, missing persons, witnesses, defendants and also avail of asset searches and bail bond payments.

Data Base Record Search

We have access to databases that are inaccessible by general public, and our clients may request any number of records at their discretion. These records include: properties, criminal, civil and even driving records, background checks, and much more.

Undercover Operations

Undercover operations and investigation services will be specifically carried out in regards to your case. If the service you require is not available, contact us in order to speak with a detective whose knowledge and experience pertains to your particular case.

Child Custody and Recovery

Our detectives specialize in child custody investigation services. When dealing with innocent persons such as your children, we can trail your spouse or ex during their scheduled visitation to verify any unlawfulness or inappropriate behavior. We can also track them during their off days to clarify activities, lifestyle and the people around them.

Background checks are also available by our P.I.s upon your request. There are many options such as video documentation and investigative reports on present living conditions that the person or child in question is in. Furthermore, our private detectives will be more than willing to testify in any court proceeding.

Pre-Employment Screenings

Our agency also specializes in background and criminal record checks, including neighborhood investigations, which are valuable in screening applicants in order to reveal their real history. The investigators will perform background and criminal checks on applicants to ascertain prior civil, criminal, driving records etc. This requires a pre-employment release form.

Loss Prevention

Are you losing revenue from missing cash or items in the inventory? We can have a bilingual investigator go undercover and help you find the mislaid piece of the puzzle. Our investigators will scrutinize every employee while undercover so as to assess whether it is internal retail theft.

We can also embed hidden cameras and surveillance equipment in the workplace. Not only will you determine the source of the crime, but you can also review other activities that may be unrelated to the job description provided. Our investigators can also provide testimonies in the courtroom.

Attorney Services

We offer general attorney services such as interviews, personal contacts, background checks, surveillance footage, witness locations, process service, recorded statements, jury pool backgrounds, and many more.

Tenant Screening

Tenant screening is an important service that will verify a person's true history and background. By using search investigations, up to date databases, criminal history or record checks, our investigators can confirm their real identity.

Recorded or Sworn Statements

This pertains to an all-inclusive recorded or confirmed interview with the subject in an attempt to authenticate the suspect's personal lifestyle and history, as well as their daily schedule, with meticulous reports which are significant to the case at hand.

Victim Assistance

Did you suffer a heinous crime and did not receive the justice that you deserved? Would you like to dig deeper into the investigation than the services offered by law enforcement? Our investigators will support you by giving you evidence at your demand ranging from photographs to surveillance footage and much, much more.

Nanny Cameras / Hidden Cameras

Are you aware of what goes on inside the house behind closed doors when your child is left alone with the babysitter? Would you like to know how your son or daughter is being treated when you are away at work? Or do you just want to feel more secure when you leave your home with peace of mind knowing you have CCTV (closed-circuit television) security?

Our P.I.'s can install temporary, inconspicuous cameras in any location. When you get home from vacation, work, or a night on the town, you will know what happened if there was any damage to your home or inappropriate behavior to your child. This documentation can be used as evidence in the court of law.

Polygraph Examination

Polygraph examinations are available and given in a proficient manner for attorneys at law, private individuals, businesses, as well as law enforcement agencies.

Service of Process

Private Investigators of Hollywood offers service of process within California and across the country in a timely manner and at an affordable rate. Our investigators will not hesitate to update status, urgent return of service, special investigative services, filing and issuing of process including limitless efforts without mileage fees given the accurate address of the client.

Electronic Countermeasures

Electronic countermeasures are generally used by homeowners and private businesses. Tactics used include concealed wiretaps and bugs planted inside your office and house that pick up on eavesdroppers. We also scrutinize and debug telephone lines with specific debugging tools. Make sure of the safety and privacy of your conversations from eavesdroppers now!

Dead Beat Dads/Moms

Missing a payment from your deadbeat spouse? Our P.I.'s will not hesitate to trace the deadbeat parent and aid in recovering your overdue payments.

Insurance and Fraud Investigations

Insurance and fraud investigation services are regularly used for evidence in trials and recording purposes. Our investigators will help in liability medical malpractice claims, workers' compensation and related services. We will observe your suspect in order to validate their activities and daily routines.

Accident Scene Investigations

Were you in a critical vehicular accident? Our investigators will arrive on scene to take photographs, statements, etc. We will also do one-on-one interviews with those involved and so much more.

Background Investigations/Criminal Records

We conduct private investigations through online databases and even on-site courthouse research. Investigations like these help find out a person's character, reputation, employment status, civil history, criminal history, medical history and other specific information.

Background investigations are mostly useful for pre-employment, pre-marital, pre-dating, business relations, nannies, pre/post litigation, etc. If you have other services related, call us to know if we can provide you with what you need.

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